Grading System

Grading in High Schools 

The grading system used to be on a scale of 0-10, “10” being the highest. Nowadays, a scale of 0-5 is used, “5” being the highest. All examinations, homework assignments and projects are currently judged on a five-point grading scale.

Numeric                  Letter              Description
5                               A                   Very good
4                               B                       Good
3                               C                     Average
2                               D                     Passing
1                               E                      Failure


Grading at Universities 

Some universities use a scale of 0-100, “100” being the highest, whereas others use the typical American A-F scale where GPA is calculated on a scale of 4.00. The letter grades, coefficients and percentage equivalents are given below.

Percentage             Course Grade               Coefficient
90-100                          AA                                4
85-89                             BA                               3.5
80-84                             BB                                 3
75-79                             CB                                2.5
70-74                             CC                                  2
65-69                             DC                                1.5
60-64                             DD                                 1
50-59                              FD                               0.5
49 and below                FF                                   0

The student’s achievement is measured in the form of a Grade Point Average (GPA). The total credit points for a course are obtained by multiplying the coefficient of the final grade by the credit hours. In order to calculate the GPA for any given semester, the total credit points are divided by the total credit hours.