Qualifications awarded at Turkish educational institutes are very similar to those given in Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia. Below is a list of various qualifications obtainable after successfully completing a study program in Turkey.


Lise Diploması (Secondary School Diploma): Until 2005, high school education lasted three years. The Ministry of Education later extended this by one year. Therefore, students who graduated before 2008 completed three years of high school instead of the current four years.

Secondary education provides general, vocational or technical training. There are two main categories of secondary schools: general high schools and vocational-technical high schools. General high schools can be further subdivided into six groups: Genel Lise (General High Schools), Yabanci Dil Agirlikli Lise (Foreign Language High Schools), Anadolu Lisesi (Anatolian High Schools), Fen Lisesi (Science High Schools), Anadolu Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi (Anatolian Fine Arts High Schools) and Anadolu Ögretmen Lisesi (Anatolian Teacher Preparatory High Schools).

Students completing these schools receive a Lise Diplomasi.


Ön Lisans Diplomasi (associate’s degree or pre-bachelor’s degree) Higher technical and vocational post-secondary studies last either four years at general higher schools or two years at vocational higher schools affiliated with universities. Both offer vocational training in various professions and confer an On Lisans Diplomasi following completion of two years of university studies.

Lisans Diplomasi (bachelor’s degree) can be awarded in all fields other than Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy and Veterinary Science. Programs leading to a Lisans Diplomasi require a minimum of four years of university study.

Lisans Diplomasi (Bachelor’s) in Dentistry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Science. This diploma is awarded after the successful completion of a five-year university program. In Veterinary Medicine, the professional qualification of Veteriner Hekim Diplomasi is awarded. In dentistry, the Dis Hekimligi Diplomasi is conferred on successful graduates.

Lisans Diplomasi (Bachelor’s Diploma MD) in Medicine. Medicine is a six-year program which leads to the Medical Doctor degree. In Medicine, the professional qualification of Tip Doktorlugu Diplomasi is conferred.

Yuksek Lisans Diplomasi/ Bilim Uzmanligi Diplomasi (Master’s Degree / Specialist Degree in Science): Postgraduate studies last either for two years with the submission of a thesis or for one-and-a-half years without a thesis.

Doktora Diplomasi/ Bilim Doktorlugu Diplomasi/ Tipta Uzmanlık Belgesi/ Sanatta Yeterlik Diplomasi (Ph.D. Degree/ Doctorate Degree in Science / Specialist Degree in Medicine/ Fine Arts Mastery Degree): These studies last two years in Agriculture, Pharmacy or Veterinary Science; three years in the Arts and Sciences; and three to six years in Medicine. A Doktora Diplomasi is conferred after two years of study and upon completion of a doctoral thesis (a total of four years). The Tipta Uzmanlik Belgesi is considered to be equivalent to the Doktora Diplomasi; it shows a physician’s advanced skills and expertise.